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Looking for a packaging solution, but you can’t see the woods for the trees? Don’t worry! We’ll help you with clear and professional advice. With loads of experience in almost every sector, we can get to grips quickly and provide a solution that suits your existing production processes or logistics flow. We do this by listening carefully to discover your specific needs.

“We help you with professional and clear advice”

Whether you are looking for a glue gun or an advanced production line with strapping machines: you can count on us.

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Certis Benelux

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At Certis Benelux we have ready-to-use packaging machines for smaller applications. However we regularly develop total projects too. To do so, we combine various different machines that can be seamlessly integrated into your production line or processes. Always completely geared to your specific needs.

Certis Stretch Nano Eco film with 30 per cent PCR

Packaging sustainably: our role as an innovator

With the right machines, optimum consumables and proactive maintenance, Certis will create the most sustainable transport packaging solution for you. As an innovator in the packaging industry, we constantly search for new and even better ways to package loads efficiently using as little material as possible. We want to join forces with our suppliers and clients to evolve to a circular approach.

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