A turntable wrapper without any investment?

Wrappah is the total solution for packaging your goods at a fixed price per pallet wrapped.

Choosing Wrappah means choosing care-free, automated wrapping of your goods on pallets at a fixed price per pallet wrapped. Wrappah offers companies a total solution for the sustainable and efficient packaging of pallets. The packaging machine, its installation, service maintenance and the shrink film are all included in the fixed price per pallet wrapped. Opting for Wrappah means leaving the wrapping of your pallets to experts with 40 years’ experience in packaging automation.


Our pallet wrapper offers you the latest packaging technology, that uses less film, at a transparent price without sacrificing safety. Also possible for limited periods of time.


With automatic film-stock management, regular maintenance, online reporting and technical assistance by one of our own technicians in case of a malfunction, we guarantee an all-inclusive service for your packaging processes.

More sustainable

Durable wrapping does not need to be at the expense of the environment. With the very latest pallet wrapper, Wrappah considerably reduces your packaging waste.

More transparent

Without any investment in machines or film, we install the packaging machine and properly train your operators. You only pay a fixed price for each pallet effectively wrapped.

Thanks to a fixed price per pallet wrapped, without any investment costs for a pallet wrapper, you have clear insight in your actual packaging costs.

more info: www.wrappah.be