Box-closing devices

A box must always remain properly closed during transport, shipping or storage. Only then will your products be sufficiently protected. Cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging can be closed quickly and easily with an industrial stapler, a box-closing device or a strapping machine. But how do you choose the right solution? Discover what you have to take into account below.

  1. type of box: long flaps, lid, American box?
  2. industry and conditions: cold store, freezer, food, non-food, etc.
  3. production process and packaging speed;
  4. packaging by hand or by machine;
  5. weight of the products to be packaged;
  6. are the boxes always the same or do they vary?
  7. custom packaging or are special packaging machines required?

Once you can answer these questions, you can continue to finetune. Our specialists will help you with this.

Tape or hotmelt

American boxes can be closely fairly easily semi or fully automatically with tape or hotmelt glue. We propose the automated solution for larger series or for example when goods are repackaged or put in promotional packaging.

At production units where heavier goods are packaged or goods that are destined for the freezer, a cross-link has to be made between the flaps. In that case, it is best to glue the flaps. Manual guns are not used for this, but rather packaging lines with hot-met gluing units incorporated in them. That works far more efficiently.

Since the bottom flaps need to be able to bear the weight, the bottom is closed with hotmelt and the top with tape. These two consumables are often used in the food sector or pharmaceuticals industry. Staples are out of the question in this sector since metal may not be used.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best


In other sectors, those cross-links are made using staples. This is the case for boxes with heavy contents, e.g. engine parts or other metal parts, and it can be done manually or automatically. In the latter case, we provide machines geared to your production process.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best


American boxes are not usually closed using strapping. However, it is handy for keeping several boxes together, as additional reinforcement or for security. This is above all common in the world of electronics. If the strap is loose, you immediately know that the box has been opened.

As you can see, many factors play a role in choosing how to close your boxes. Let one of our experts advise you to find the solution that perfectly fits your situation.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best