Certis Maintenance Contract

Advantages of the Certis Service Contract

Register for the Certis Service Contract to ensure less time, money and worry

Your packaging line is crucial to the productivity of your business and the lead time of deliveries. So it’s best to keep your packaging machines in prime condition.

Save money

Our trained technicians will drop by a predetermined number of times a year to carry out preventive maintenance on your packaging machine. It’s the best defence against breakdowns, defects and major maintenance costs. 

Save time

With a Certis Service Contract, your machine is always in prime condition. You avoid breakdowns and you don’t lose time on emergency repair procedures.

Avoid unplanned downtime of your packaging machine

We plan preventive maintenance in such a way that it is always carried out during the off-peak hours of your packaging line. We check all the parts susceptible to wear and replace them where necessary. No more unplanned downtime for your packaging line.

Guaranteed quality across the board

Your machine is in good hands with the qualified Certis technicians. They only work with original parts and are abreast of the latest technological developments.

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