What are the advantages of a hand-held wrapping machine?

There are pros and cons to manual wrapping or using manual wrapping film. In which situations is it best to opt for a manual wrapping machine and what are the alternatives? Learn all about it in this blog.

Pros of manual wrapping film

Manual wrapping film. The word says it all: naturally you need your hands. This solution above all works well for a limited number of pallets, since you need people who will work with the hand-held wrapping device. This can be handy in certain situations. For example, when it concerns internal transport. Quickly wrap some stretch film around the goods and Bob’s your uncle.

With exceptional sizes it is more difficult to work with automatic pallet wrappers. A hand-held wrapping device then allows you to adapt manually. And you don’t have to invest in machines.

However, the latter is only to your advantage if the number of pallets to be wrapped is low. Once the volumes increase, manual work can no longer be justified when compared to the automation that wrapping machines offer.

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Cons of a hand-held wrapping device

Which immediately brings us to the cons of hand-held devices. They are not an ergonomic solution, since people have to bend and twist to apply the wrapping film manually. And those people cost time and money. A wrapping machine works faster and wraps more efficiently. Since it calculates exactly how much film is required and what type of film: stretch film, shrink film or stretch wrapping film. You will use far less film than with manual wrapping.

And consider your image vis-à-vis your clients. Using a hand-held wrapping device means that in principle the pallets will not all be wrapped in precisely the same way. With a low number of pallets to wrap, the result will not be so bad. But if the volume increases, the work will become more sloppy. A wrapping machine, however, always wraps in exactly the same way, making your load look professional.

Finally, a wrapping machine is very accurate. Which means you are guaranteed perfect load stability.

In summary: a hand-held wrapping device is above all handy for lower volumes or internal transport. With higher volumes it is best to opt for a wrapping machine.

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