Nano wrapping film

The thicker the wrapping film, the stronger it is. That may sound logical, but it’s not exactly right. And nano film proves it. Even though it is extra thin, this variant is used to stabilise pallets just like ‘ordinary’ wrapping film. It is an essential tool for stable transport. Despite being thinner and more economical than other films, Nano wrapping film is just as strong and more sustainable.

What is nano wrapping film?

Nano refers to the ancient Greek word nanos, which means ‘dwarf’. The film is definitively aptly named. This is above all due to the production process which is incredibly detailed. Thanks to an adapted technique, the molecular chains of the raw material are placed closer together and arranged more efficiently. The result is a film with more layers that is still noticeably thinner.

What are the advantages of nano wrapping film?

Cost-saving, strong and environmentally friendly: these are the three strengths of the film.

1. Cost-saving

The film is thinner, which means that the total roll is also more compact. So you need less storage space. What’s more, you save on the amount and weight of film per roll. Savings can quickly mount to some 25% compared to standard film. Finally, there is less risk of (expensive) damage to your goods as this film is so strong.

2. Strong and tear-resistant

Nano film is particularly strong thanks to the many layers it is made up of. And of course that strength ensures that there is less risk of perforations or tears. Furthermore, the film remains flexible and it effortlessly adopts the shape of your goods. In summary, your pallet load is wrapped more stably and is better protected during transport.

3. Environmentally friendly

For the last advantage we have to stroll down to the recycling park. By using nano wrapping film, you reduce the amount of plastic waste. That’s logical, since the thinner (but still stronger) film means that you need less plastic to wrap the same pallet.