New in our range of product: CertiStretch Nano Eco film with 30% PCR, 250% pre-stretch and only 17 microns thick!

Wrapping film is an essential tool in the world of transport and storage. It is used to firmly enclose goods and protect them against dust, damp and damage during transport. Certis Benelux is the first in Europe to offer a wrapping film with 30% PCR and 250% pre-stretch that is only 17 microns thick. This advanced packaging solution combines efficiency and sustainability in such a way that it exceeds the expectations of both our clients and consumers alike.

What is PCR in wrapping film?

PCR stands for Post-Consumer Recycled material, which means that part of the raw materials to produce the wrapping film comes from recycled materials that after consumer use have been collected and processed. The use of PCR in wrapping film has considerable benefits for the environment since it reduces the demand for new plastic and helps to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment.

With PCR making up 30% of the composition of our new wrapping film, CertiStretch Nano Eco film is an important step towards a more circular and sustainable packaging industry. We are reducing our ecological footprint and contributing to the reduction of plastic pollution.

Improved efficiency thanks to 250% pre-stretch

Another groundbreaking property of this innovative wrapping film is the incredible 250% pre-stretch capacity. This means that the film can be stretched to two and a half times its original length before being applied to the goods to be packaged. This pre-stretch capacity has a number of important advantages:

Reduced consumption of materials: Since less film is needed to package goods, less plastic is used which increases the sustainability and cost-efficiency of the packaging.
Stronger protection: The pre-stretch capacity ensure that the shipment is more firmly enclosed which improves the stability during transport and reduces damage to the goods.
Time savings: Less film and fewer actions to package the load means the packaging process is faster. This increases productivity.

Certistretch Nano Eco folie

17 microns: thin but durable

The thickness of wrapping film is measured in microns (one thousandth of a millimetre), and this CertiStretch Nano Eco wrapping film is just 17 microns thick. Despite being so thin, the film is surprisingly durable. This is thanks to advanced production techniques and materials that were designed to offer both strength and flexibility.

The fact that the film is so thin helps make it environmentally friendly since less material is used. This results in less waste and a lower impact on the environment.

Advantages for our clients and consumers

This new wrapping film with 30% PCR and 250% pre-stretch that is only 17 microns thick offers many advantages for users and consumers alike. Our clients benefit from the sustainability, efficiency and cost savings of this innovation. Consumers can rely on their products arriving safe and sound, whilst the negative impact on the environment is reduced.

In a time where sustainability and efficiency are high priorities, this new CertiStretch Nano Eco wrapping film is a promising development in the packaging industry. It is a prime example of how technology and innovation can come together to improve the world of packaging and at the same time reduce the environmental impact. With this step forward, Certis Benelux can look ahead to a more sustainable future.

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