Polyester strap, an excellent alternative for steel strap

Strapping properly depends on the type of strap chosen.

Certis Benelux offers different types, namely steel strap and polyester strap (PET). Many people opt for steel strap as the “safe” choice. However, we’d like to promote polyester strap since in many cases it is better and cheaper.

Find out why in this article.

Less impact on the environment

It takes a lot of energy to produce steel. Clearly that is disastrous for our planet and also very expensive. Polyester strap, on the other hand, consists largely of recycled material and it weighs five times less than steel strap. Naturally that has an enormous impact on transport. And finally, polyester strap is easy to recycle.


Polyester strap is five times lighter than steel strap. This makes it a lot easier for workers to use and improves the ergonomics. Furthermore, in contrast to steel strap, PET strap does not have sharp edges which drastically reduces the risk of accidents. When being released, steel strap can fly in all directions which is dangerous to anyone standing nearby. And last but not least, if anyone drives over steel strap that is lying on the ground, there is a risk of damaging the tyres. That’s not the case with polyester strap.



To cap it all, the use of polyester strap is a lot more economical than steel strap. Not only is the product itself a lot cheaper, but you also save a lot of time. After all, polyester strap is a lot easier to attach. And the larger number of metres per roll means you don’t have to change rolls as often.

Higher quality

Economical is one thing, but what about the quality? You can rest assured that polyester strap has at least the same quality as steel strap. Take the elasticity for example. Where steel strap strands at 0.1 %, PET offers an elasticity of up to 14 %. In concrete terms, this means that PET strap can absorb more shocks without breaking. Even if the load shifts, shrinks or expands. That’s precisely why you should opt for polyester strap for loads that shrink when they cool down or dry out. And PET strap is weatherproof. Whilst steel rusts, PET strap will not create stains.

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