Sustainable packaging with Nano Eco wrapping film

Wrapping goods whilst taking the environment into account. Is that even possible? Absolutely! Especially with Nano Eco wrapping film, thanks to the fact that it’s made up of 30 % recycled materials.

Even if the film is environmentally friendly, it is just as reliable as traditional wrapping film. So you get the best of both worlds: sustainability and reliability.

Let all the advantages convince you:

  1. Environmentally friendly
    This wrapping film contains 30 % recycled materials and is produced in accordance with the principles of the circular economy. It is completely recyclable and can be disposed of with the normal plastic waste.
  2. Reduced CO² emission
    By using recycled granulate from waste separation, 20 % less CO2 is released during the production of Nano Eco wrapping film.
  3. Large pre-stretch
    With a pre-stretching capacity of up to 300 %, this film is just as performant as other wrapping films. In this way you can save considerably on packaging material.
  4. Strong holding force
    Your goods are kept tightly together thanks to the strong holding force of the Nano Eco wrapping film. Carefree transport guaranteed!
  5. High resistance to puncturing and tearing
    This film is resistant to a high point load. It rarely tears at the corners of your pallets or if your boxes or goods stick out.
  6. Different thicknesses
    Nano Eco is available in 17, 20 and 23 microns.