VCA certificate

At Certis Benelux, health, safety and the environment (HSE) are a priority. Day in, day out, we pursue these goals. And it’s thanks to those efforts that we have a VCA certificate. It proves that we meet the very highest standards in this regard.

VCA stands for “HSE Checklist Contractors”. However it is more than a simple checklist. VCA is a professional programme with which companies’ HSE management systems are structurally and objectively tested. That way, everything is arranged in advance and you don’t have to keep taking action to meet the HSE standards. “Prevention is better than cure” is thus really applied in practice.

Companies that meet the standards are issued a certificate. Often, VCA certification is a condition clients impose for working for them. After all, in that way they are 100 % sure that the contractor will deliver safe and reliable work.