Allibert offers high-quality, functional, aesthetic and affordable solutions for decorating bathrooms. In addition, the company will assist you in your search to completely decorate your bathroom and toilet.

The challenge

  • As a result of an increase in its activities, Allibert intended to renew its machinery. To achieve this as smoothly as possible, they were looking for a suitable partner and found one in the form of Certis Benelux. One of the greatest challenges was to wrap pallets of different widths and heights.


  • A turntable wrapping machine was out of the question, because if the pallets are too low, only the load is wrapped, and not the bottom of the pallet. And that is disastrous for load security. That is why we suggested an arm wrapping machine that turns around the load. In addition, we installed a raised plate so that the pallets are higher and it is certain that the bottom is also wrapped.


  • Since then, operations have been a lot easier for Allibert. Now they can wrap in a sustainable way and also achieve considerable savings on film and plastic. Thanks to a more modern machine, they work faster and more efficiently. The pallets are also wrapped more stably, guaranteeing load security.