Badger Pellets

Badger Pellets is part of the François Group. One of the company’s showpieces is the production of BADGER Pellets®. With its 3 fully integrated bio-sites, with thermal and electric wood material recovery, BADGER pellets production is perfectly located in order to guarantee its customers a quality and safe supply all year round!

The challenge

  • The problem was clear: the pellets were packaged in paper bags. And thus were insufficiently protected against cold and damp. The result? The packaging often tore, which meant that the pellets could then no longer be used.


  • We proposed an automatic stapler, combined with a pallet wrapper. In this process, a sheet is first stapled to the pallet. The products are then piled on the pallet and wrapped. And finally, the machine attaches a top sheet to the load. A great bit of automation!


  • Since then, they can sleep soundly at Badger Pellets. Thanks to the efficient and protective coat of wrapping film, they no longer have to deal with torn or damaged goods.