Belwood is Belgium’s first and only small-diameter, softwood sawmill. Every year, the company processes a good 200,000 m³ of logs. Belwood produces both high-quality, sawn and planed wood and distributes it all over Europe.

The challenge

  • Talk about a challenge! Wrapping wooden beams that are no less than 16 metres long is far from straightforward. And what’s more, everything has to be wrapped so it’s dry and free of dust.


  • Of course, we never back down from a challenge, on the contrary. So, we devised a customised solution, using the principle of horizontal wrapping. That is why we developed the FEB tunnel wrapper with a roller conveyor that we extended at both ends so that the beams could pass all the way through. The entire process of this tunnel wrapper is fully automated.


  • Now the long wooden beams are easily wrapped in a waterproof and dustproof film. And load security is guaranteed.