Caisseries Belle-Vue

For over forty years, Caisseries Belle-Vue has been producing customised wooden and cardboard packaging. These are then used to package industrial goods such as machine parts, silos, compressors, glass, steel structures, cooling systems, etc.

The challenge

  • For decades, Caisseries Belle-Vue has made wooden packaging for major industrial players such as Caterpillar and AEG. However, for economic reasons, many customers moved their packaging lines abroad and the company lost a lot of turnover. Caisseries Belle-Vue did not throw in the towel and found in a new market by producing small series of made-to-measure pallets. To produce made-to-measure pallets, a reliable machine was needed that is quick and easy to configure.


  • After a thorough analysis of what Caisseries Belle-Vue really needed, we designed a machine that met the requirements. A machine that automatically positions itself based on the width and thickness of a pallet and nails the pallet in the right place. When a new series of pallets has to be made, the machine can be configured in no time. After selecting the right programme, placing the wood and pressing the button, the pallet is nailed. A robot behind the machine takes the pallet to a machine that saws off the corners and applies the right markings.


  • Producing made-to-measure pallets for customers fast, that is the new standard at Caisseries Belle-Vue, thanks to our advanced nailing machine. Now it only takes one minute to completely finish a pallet: nailed, sawed off, marked and stacked.