Gandae is a leading company in Ghent that specialises in customised solutions. It assists companies by packaging all manner of goods.

The challenge

  • Gandae has a particularly broad range of activities: packaging individual products, secondary packaging, (shrink) film packaging but also setting up and assembly. Always to customer specification. The result? A constant lack of space on the work floor, especially due to wrapping goods on pallets. With their traditional wrapping machine this was furthermore a time-consuming activity that required several actions.


  • After careful analysis, we provided a custom arm wrapper that wraps pallets in two adjacent spots.
    Concretely, the operator places a pallet on the first spot, then selects a wrapping programme and the machine will start by itself. In the meantime he has time to place a new pallet on the second spot. When pallet one is wrapped, the machine automatically turns to pallet two. A press of the button and the second pallet is wrapped whilst the operator removes the first one.


  • That can be summarised in just one word: efficiency. Thanks to this wrapping machine, Gandae now saves space and time.