Global Net

Global Net specialises in the distribution of hygiene products such as soap, detergents, tissues, etc. The company’s range consists of over 11,000 products and every year it makes more than 55,000 deliveries, mainly in Belgium and Luxemburg.

The challenge

  • Global Net used two outdated pallet wrappers whose pre-stretch function had worn out. Naturally this meant that too much film was used during wrapping. The machines clearly needed replacing.


  • Global Net contacted Certis Benelux for a customised solution. There were two options. The first option was to purchase two new machines. The second was to use Wrappah, our unique concept whereby you pay a fixed rate per pallet wrapped; installation, service, maintenance and wrapping film are all included. Global Net did not want to make a hasty decision, and so it calculated the pros and cons of both options in detail. It also tested the Wrappah concept for a few days and carried out the 26° test. After a thorough evaluation the company was convinced: Wrappah is the solution.


  • Thanks to Wrappah, Global Net now wraps its pallets far more efficiently than before and all the pallets comply with the cargo securing regulations for 100%. What’s more, continuity is assured for the company thanks to the constant technical support offered by Certis Benelux. By using Nano Eco wrapping film, the company also improved its environmental performance. And last but not least, Wrappah is also interesting for Global Net from a tax perspective.