Groupe Trehout

Groupe Trehout designs and produces POS (Point Of Sale) materials, displays and packaging for the retail market in Belgium and France. Its products are primarily made of cardboard, wood and multimaterials.

The challenge

  • A classic: in the production department, everyone was gluing using small glue guns along one long work table. A time-consuming process because new glue sticks constantly had to be inserted. That is not workable for larger pieces. To cap it all, this led to physical complaints amongst employees due to frequently squeezing the handles of the glue guns.


  • An efficient and ergonomic solution was therefore urgently required. The solution that we proposed was our Meler B4 gluing machines. Today, every production worker stands at their own mobile table with a gluing machine. The machine has a four-litre tank in which the glue is heated and remains liquid. With the simple operation of the hose and gun, a larger amount of glue can be applied very easily. Thanks to this ergonomic optimisation, physical complaints have reduced drastically.


  • Gluing cardboard POS materials now occurs far more efficiently than before. The adapted production process is not only faster but also benefits the ergonomics and the employees’ health.