MCC Verstraete has over 30 years’ experience in offset printing labels on polypropylene (PP) for injection moulding, blow moulding and thermoforming. The company is global leader in this and every day produces over 60 million labels for numerous companies in the plastic packaging industry.

The challenge

  • Before MCC Verstraete contacted us, they used a semi-automatic turntable wrapping machine. However, there were a number of disadvantages to this. The machine had to be operated by two employees almost constantly and the packaging quality was not optimum. To fully comply with the standards with regard to cargo securing, MCC contacted Certis Benelux.


  • After a thorough analysis, we proposed this solution: a fully automated packaging line consisting of a fully automated strapping machine, turntable wrapping machine, barcode scanner and weighing system. In this way we accelerated the packaging process and the packaging meets the cargo securing standards.


  • MCC Verstraete made great improvement in all kinds of areas. The company saves on manpower and the packaging process now runs faster and more efficiently. In addition, they can sleep soundly as far as cargo securing is concerned.