Medimundi was founded in 2020 as a spin-off of Cartamundi and the University of Antwerp (UA). Together with machine builder Cloostermans and a private investor, Medimundi produces and sells high-quality FFP2 and FFP3 face masks.

The challenge

  • For face masks it is vital (sometimes even literally so) that everything is right. And that includes the attachment of the elastic. During prolonged use, their stapler no longer worked properly which meant that the quality of the bond was not constant. And so in the middle of the corona crisis Medimundi went looking for a reliable, industrial stapling solution to integrate into a fully automated production system.


  • In this case, Certis Benelux provided a solution in close consultation with Medimundi. The initial tests of our devices were not immediately promising. So for the finetuning Certis Benelux consulted the manufacturer of the stapling units. Which helped us to find the right stapling head, staples and anvil to guarantee the level of quality required.
    With small production runs at the University of Antwerp, the stapling units were extensively tested and approved as stand-alone installations. Machine builder Cloostermans then integrated the stapling units into the production line.


  • A great example of cooperation between various companies, resulting in high-quality FFP2 and FFP3 face masks. The company was able to develop and produce a new product in barely six months. Now, every year the company produces a few million face masks, which means thirty new jobs.