Mero-Fix has specialised in various types of threaded products since 1987. Their product range includes L anchor bolts, U brackets, anchor bolts, draw bars and weld ends.

The challenge

  • It is not easy to strap bundles of rods with a small diameter. With small rods, the seal is often larger than the bundle.
    Mero-Fix itself was not happy with the result of manually strapping their bundles.
    They wanted to work more efficiently and were looking for an automated solution. When consulted, two suppliers had already indicated that there was no solution for their application (and problem).


  • No solution is not something we find acceptable at Certis Benelux. And so we went on location to demonstrate a pneumatic steel strapping machine that perfectly met Mero-Fix’s wishes.
    “The proof of the pudding is in the eating”, so we left the Orgapack CR 25A at their location, allowing the operators to test the machine themselves.


  • At Mero-Fix they were (and still are) impressed that we were the only supplier to understand what they needed and present a machine that perfectly met (and meets) their needs. After the testing period, the machine was naturally acquired and with it an ORT 260, which was the cherry on the cake.