Molenbergnatie is the global market leader in the chain management of coffee, cocoa and other agricultural products such as rice, dairy and nuts. Its head office is in Antwerp, but Molenbergnatie is also active in Barcelona.

The challenge

  • The company was planning to move to a new warehouse in the port. No fewer than 2,500 pallets of bags of cocoa had to be moved as a result. This was already a challenge due to the high number, but added to that, the size of the pallets meant that they could not be wrapped by their standard pallet wrapper.

    And so the work was commenced manually. This soon turned out not to be an option, due to the high number of pallets but also because it was ergonomically irresponsible. In addition, the load stability could not be sufficiently guaranteed.


  • Things had to change and that is why Molenbergnatie contacted Certis Benelux. As always, we went on location to make a thorough analysis of the situation and to discuss it. In the end we proposed a robot pallet wrapper.
    Thanks to an extensive, prior test in our workshop with a Molenbergnatie pallet, we were able on the one hand to determine the right film and on the other perfectly program the robot pallet wrapper; all to the client’s specifications.

    Molenbergnatie was invited to our workshop for this and gave their approval.

    In view of the size of the project and also the fact that it was a one-off, the Wrappah concept was the perfect solution.

    Molenbergnatie did not have any investment costs; they paid only a set price per pallet wrapped and 2 robot pallet wrappers were immediately installed at their premises.


  • The result?
    A satisfied client. The wrapping process and the move are now running far more efficiently, with excellent load stability and workers who are not being unnecessarily burdened ergonomically. Thanks to Wrappah, the move was also cost efficient since no investments had to be made.