Multiform processes wooden panels for applications in warehouses, interior projects, industrial packaging and construction projects. It delivers solutions customised to the client’s specific needs. The company focuses completely on quality, flexibility, efficiency and just-in-time delivery.

The challenge

  • For a specific client, Multiform has to attach two beams to a wooden panel so that it can be used as a shelf in a warehouse. Since the client wants to work in an environmentally friendly way, the beams were attached with screws instead of with nails. In this way, they can simply be removed after use. To this end, for along time use was made of a manual screwdriver, making the work time-consuming and intensive. There was room for improvement, so the company contacted Certis Benelux for a solution.


  • We proposed no longer tightening the screws manually but shooting them into the beams with a coil nailer. This not only speeds up the work, the screws are also tightened better in the wood.


  • The use of a coil nailer really hit the mark for Multiform. Since then, the work is a lot more efficient. Because shooting the screws in is just as strong as tightening them by hand, but is a good 10 times faster. The result? A satisfied client, also because it is an ecological solution.