NMC is a prominent, international player in the development, production, sale and marketing of products made of synthetic foam for both industrial and packaging applications as well as sports and leisure goods.

The challenge

  • Amongst other things, NMC produces plastic profiles and fittings. However it is not easy to package these long, narrow products in long, narrow boxes and then place them upright on a pallet by hand. To tackle this efficiently, NMC got in touch with Certis Benelux.


  • When we’d carefully identified the problem, the solution became clear fairly quickly: the fully automated horizontal ring wrapper. A robot gathers all the products and places them on a conveyor belt. This transports them to the ring wrapper. The wrapping machine fully automatically applies the film in various turns so that one package is formed. After that, the robot places the package upright on a pallet. Thanks to the use of film, everything stays properly bundled and no damage occurs.


  • NMC greatly improved its efficiency. What used to be done manually is now fully automated. The pallets are stabilised and transported using a minimum of material.