Royal De Ree Holland

The company specialises in developing, packaging and transporting bulbs, perennials and related products. Every year, the company ships about thirty million bulbs to forty countries around the world.

The challenge

  • Before it called on Certis Benelux, Royal De Ree Holland was using an old strapping machine to strap products horizontally and vertically. The machine was on its last legs and naturally that’s when it becomes difficult to still find the right parts. That made it time for a new machine.
    To protect the boxes, cardboard corner protectors are placed around each pallet. However, using an old machine meant that this had to be done manually by 4 people. That left a lot of room to improve efficiency.


  • We delivered and installed a strapping machine that not only straps fully automatically, but also places corner protectors. That allows Royal De Ree Holland to use a few people less per shift.
    Furthermore, the machine has a smart weighing unit, that sends the data to the ERP system. In this way, the total weight of the batch is shown on the consignment note. This saves a lot of time compared to the old situation, where each pallet had to be manually weighed and then the data had to be processed in Excel.


  • Thanks to this solution, the amount of manual labour was drastically reduced and Royal De Ree Holland has succeeded in reducing each shift by several people. Thanks to the lower personnel costs, the time it took to recover the investment was less than a year.