Sportcoop is a family business that has been importing and exporting sporting goods since 1986. It distributes well-known brands.

The challenge

  • Previously, Sportcoop wrapped its pallets by hand. As volumes increased, this started to take too much time and of course was not expedient, ergonomically speaking, for the employees wrapping the pallets. It was also clear that the best wrapping result could only be achieved with a wrapping machine.

  • That is why they decided to buy one.
    However, the construction of the warehouse left little space to install a machine. Both the height and width were limited, but 2.5m-high pallets still had to be wrapped.


  • And so Sportcoop contacted Certis Benelux, via our website. We went on site to evaluate the situation. And it was immediately clear that only a customised solution would work. The TABLO 2000 PP pallet wrapper with a panoramic ramp meets the requirements perfectly. Only the taller column of 3000mm, required to wrap high pallets, was too high for their warehouse.

  • Certis Benelux never gives up, and so a special column was made for the machine that was 2.8m high. The machine fits perfectly in the Sportcoop building and can now wrap the high pallets easily.


  • Thanks to this – literally – tailor-made solution, we have a satisfied customer.

  • Which is logical, since the efficient wrapping process means that Sportcoop saves a lot of time as well as money due to using less film. In addition, every pallet is wrapped to the highest standard, which naturally also benefits the load security and appearance.