Van Riel

Van Riel has a wide range of ecological production processes for the textile-processing industry. This varies from recycling textile waste and colouring using natural dyes to producing duvets and pillows. The company’s credo is still the same as it was on its foundation in 1875: production is done with respect for people, animals and the planet.

The challenge

  • Packaging products is an art in itself, especially if it concerns pillows and duvets. These products contain lots of air so that they take up a lot of space in a box. Thus in this case the challenge is above all to keep the box in shape and as compact as possible when closing it. Until recently, bed linen was packaged entirely manually in cardboard boxes at Van Riel, which naturally is very time consuming. What’s more, the box did not always stay properly closed.


  • This challenge was right up our alley. Our solution? A semi-automatic box-closing machine using tape, suitable for sequentially closing boxes with non-standard sizes. The process is simple: an operator folds the box on the transport system open, fills it with bed linen and pushes the box to the box-closing machine. There, both the top and bottom of the box are automatically taped shut. Fast and reliable, like all our solutions.


  • Efficiency! Packaging the bed linen occurs far more smoothly than was previously the case. Faster, but also taped shut better so that fewer boxes open by themselves during transport. Now they can sleep soundly again at Van Riel 😊.