Vandersanden is one of the largest brick producers in Europe. The family company makes facing bricks, cobbles and stone strips. They also offer solutions for facades and paving.

The challenge

  • Certis Benelux already delivered installations to Vandersanden in the past. And since Vandersanden was satisfied with the cooperation, we were asked to audit the packaging flow at the branch in Beek.

  • Concretely, it concerned a hall where stones are divided into lots and packaged, and then are wrapped by hand with shrink film and strapped. So it’s a very labour-intensive process. An additional challenge was the very limited amount of space available to implement a new solution. A challenge we were enthusiastic to tackle!


  • Our solution consisted of a complete packaging line with a fully automated shrink-wrap machine and vertical strapping machine that uses polyester strap. Since Certis was responsible for the engineering and assembly as well as training the operators, the client truly received a turnkey solution.


  • Vandersanden now works far more efficiently. There is less manual intervention, the packaging is far more reliable and there is quality printing on the shrink hoods. A must in this sector.