Polyester strap, an excellent alternative for steel strap

PET of staalband

Strapping properly depends on the type of strap chosen.

Certis Benelux offers different types, namely steel strap and polyester strap (PET). Many people opt for steel strap as the “safe” choice. However, we’d like to promote polyester strap since in many cases it is better and cheaper.

Find out why in this article.

Less impact on the environment

It takes a lot of energy to produce steel. Clearly that is disastrous for our planet and also very expensive. Polyester strap, on the other hand, consists largely of recycled material and it weighs five times less than steel strap. Naturally that has an enormous impact on transport. And finally, polyester strap is easy to recycle.


Polyester strap is five times lighter than steel strap. This makes it a lot easier for workers to use and improves the ergonomics. Furthermore, in contrast to steel strap, PET strap does not have sharp edges which drastically reduces the risk of accidents. When being released, steel strap can fly in all directions which is dangerous to anyone standing nearby. And last but not least, if anyone drives over steel strap that is lying on the ground, there is a risk of damaging the tyres. That’s not the case with polyester strap.



To cap it all, the use of polyester strap is a lot more economical than steel strap. Not only is the product itself a lot cheaper, but you also save a lot of time. After all, polyester strap is a lot easier to attach. And the larger number of metres per roll means you don’t have to change rolls as often.

Higher quality

Economical is one thing, but what about the quality? You can rest assured that polyester strap has at least the same quality as steel strap. Take the elasticity for example. Where steel strap strands at 0.1 %, PET offers an elasticity of up to 14 %. In concrete terms, this means that PET strap can absorb more shocks without breaking. Even if the load shifts, shrinks or expands. That’s precisely why you should opt for polyester strap for loads that shrink when they cool down or dry out. And PET strap is weatherproof. Whilst steel rusts, PET strap will not create stains.

Do you have any questions about strapping? Contact our specialists for more information.

What are the differences between the Orgapack OR-T models?

Orgapack OR-T omsnoeringsapparaten

Strapping packaging is often intensive work. Especially when the loads are big or heavy.

Our OR-T strapping tools are extremely suitable for strapping both big and small packages. You can use them to strap pallets or bundle smaller products or packaging. You can also use them to strap at different locations since they are very mobile. After all, you only need one hand to strap and seal. Another advantage of the OR-T strapping tools is that you can strap both vertically and horizontally.

Orgapack OR-T strapping

How does a strapping tool work?

The tool seals the plastic strap by means of vibration welding. This means that the ends of plastic strap are rubbed against each other. The heat that occurs as a result melts them together.

Make your life easier with electric strapping. This will save you a lot of time and money. And there is a lot less physical strain when you use a mobile strapping tool.

Malfunctions or maintenance

If you are confronted with a malfunction and your own workers cannot resolve the problem, our internal service team is ready to help.

With preventive maintenance you keep your tools in optimum condition. Any wear and tear or other problems are often detected at an early stage, thus avoiding repair costs.

Orgapack OR-T omsnoeringsapparaten

What is the difference between the four tools?

battery-powered tensioner
battery-powered tensioner
battery-operated strapping tool
battery-operated strapping tool

Orgapack OR-T 130

  • Bosch Li Ion Coolpack battery packs 18V 2.0
  • For PP and PET strap 9 mm to 13 mm wide and 0.55 mm to 0.80 mm thick
  • Tension force up to 1200 N
  • For light applications

More info

Orgapack OR-T 260

  • Bosch Li Ion Coolpack battery packs 18V 2.0
  • For PP and PET strap 13 mm to 16 mm wide and 0.65 mm to 1 mm thick
  • Tension force up to 2500 N
  • For universal and medium applications

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Orgapack OR-T 450

  • Bosch Li Ion Coolpack battery packs 18V 4.0
  • For PET strap 16 mm to 19 mm wide and 0.80 mm to 1.27 mm thick
  • Tension force up to 4500 N
  • Tried and tested in the metal-processing industry and wood sector

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Orgapack OR-T 670

  • Bosch Li Ion Coolpack battery packs 18V 8.0
  • For PET strap 25 mm or 32 mm wide and 1 mm to 1.27 mm thick
  • Tension force up to 7000 N
  • Above all tried and tested in the metal-processing industry

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What are the advantages of a hand-held wrapping machine?

banderoleuse manuelle

There are pros and cons to manual wrapping or using manual wrapping film. In which situations is it best to opt for a manual wrapping machine and what are the alternatives? Learn all about it in this blog.

Pros of manual wrapping film

Manual wrapping film. The word says it all: naturally you need your hands. This solution above all works well for a limited number of pallets, since you need people who will work with the hand-held wrapping device. This can be handy in certain situations. For example, when it concerns internal transport. Quickly wrap some stretch film around the goods and Bob’s your uncle.

With exceptional sizes it is more difficult to work with automatic pallet wrappers. A hand-held wrapping device then allows you to adapt manually. And you don’t have to invest in machines.

However, the latter is only to your advantage if the number of pallets to be wrapped is low. Once the volumes increase, manual work can no longer be justified when compared to the automation that wrapping machines offer.

Manual nail gun

Cons of a hand-held wrapping device

Which immediately brings us to the cons of hand-held devices. They are not an ergonomic solution, since people have to bend and twist to apply the wrapping film manually. And those people cost time and money. A wrapping machine works faster and wraps more efficiently. Since it calculates exactly how much film is required and what type of film: stretch film, shrink film or stretch wrapping film. You will use far less film than with manual wrapping.

And consider your image vis-à-vis your clients. Using a hand-held wrapping device means that in principle the pallets will not all be wrapped in precisely the same way. With a low number of pallets to wrap, the result will not be so bad. But if the volume increases, the work will become more sloppy. A wrapping machine, however, always wraps in exactly the same way, making your load look professional.

Finally, a wrapping machine is very accurate. Which means you are guaranteed perfect load stability.

In summary: a hand-held wrapping device is above all handy for lower volumes or internal transport. With higher volumes it is best to opt for a wrapping machine.

Not sure which solution best fits your needs? Contact us for an introduction without obligation.

Visit Certis Benelux at Empack 2022 in Ghent

Visit Certis Benelux at Empack 2022 in Ghent

Empack is the largest Belgian meeting point for the packaging industry.

A lively sector, an exciting event for and by professionals with a programme as the connecting factor between each sub-domain within packaging. Your chance to meet and experience. To do targeted business and to keep your knowledge up to date. All leading exhibitors, expertise and developments under one roof.

The location is new: Flanders Expo in Ghent, because Empack Gent 2022 runs parallel to the Transport & Logistics event. This makes Hall 1 in Flanders Expo the meeting place for the entire supply chain: from packaging and filling to logistics and transport.

You will find Certis Benelux at Empack Gent 2022 on stand 2311.

Register HERE for a free entrance ticket

When and where?

14-15 September 2022

Flanders Expo, Ghent

Make a note of 25 & 26 October 2023 in your diary, because we will be returning to the Nekkerhal-Brussels North in Mechelen with a central Packaging Innovations zone.

Visit Certis Benelux at the Voka Open Bedrijvendag

Voka Openbedrijvendag

Sunday 2 October is the day again. You will get a surprising look behind the scenes at dozens of companies during the Open Day. And this time Certis Benelux will also participate. So make a note of the date in your agenda, because it will be worth your while!

Certis Benelux offers total solutions in the field of fastening and packaging. No empty promises, because in that area we are unique in the sector. We make it happen by perfectly matching our machines and consumables.

Voka Openbedrijvendag

But how do we do that in practice? Then be sure to drop by on the Open Day, because we don’t just throw open our doors. An interactive trail gives you an insight into how our pallet wrappers and other machines work. You will see how we wrap pallets sustainably and why wrapping and strapping in the right way is so important. We also show you the offices and the warehouse. So there is something for everyone!

Make it a pleasant day with the whole family. The little ones will enjoy themselves on the bouncy castle, while the older children will be amazed by all the impressive machines. To strengthen the inner man, we will also provide a cosy bar and various food stalls.

The Voka Open Company Day takes place on Sunday 2 October, from 10 am to 5 pm. Registration is not necessary, so feel free to drop by. See you then!

Visit Certis Benelux at Empack Namur

On 19 May, Empack Namur will once again be the centre of the packaging world. What can you expect? A day with all the leading producers, clients and partners from the packaging sector, all under one roof. Which makes it the perfect time to make interesting contacts, learn from each other and spot innovations. As a trendsetter, Certis Benelux definitely has to be there.

Want to know which packaging solution best suits your specific needs? Our specialists Fabien and Hubert will tell you all about Certis Benelux’s advanced pallet wrappers, box closers and strapping machines. And they’ll do so with great passion and expertise in an informal setting, with something to eat and drink of course. Want to drop by? Certis Benelux will be happy to receive you at stand 1008.

A few facts and figures about Empack Namur …

  • + 65 exhibitors
  • + 1,000 visitors
  • + 3 seminars
  • + 900 m² surface area

Reasons enough for a professional in the packaging sector to be there too, especially when you know that it’s free. See you there! You can register here.

Certis Benelux chez Empack Namur

Nano wrapping film

The thicker the wrapping film, the stronger it is. That may sound logical, but it’s not exactly right. And nano film proves it. Even though it is extra thin, this variant is used to stabilise pallets just like ‘ordinary’ wrapping film. It is an essential tool for stable transport. Despite being thinner and more economical than other films, Nano wrapping film is just as strong and more sustainable.

What is nano wrapping film?

Nano refers to the ancient Greek word nanos, which means ‘dwarf’. The film is definitively aptly named. This is above all due to the production process which is incredibly detailed. Thanks to an adapted technique, the molecular chains of the raw material are placed closer together and arranged more efficiently. The result is a film with more layers that is still noticeably thinner.

What are the advantages of nano wrapping film?

Cost-saving, strong and environmentally friendly: these are the three strengths of the film.

1. Cost-saving

The film is thinner, which means that the total roll is also more compact. So you need less storage space. What’s more, you save on the amount and weight of film per roll. Savings can quickly mount to some 25% compared to standard film. Finally, there is less risk of (expensive) damage to your goods as this film is so strong.

2. Strong and tear-resistant

Nano film is particularly strong thanks to the many layers it is made up of. And of course that strength ensures that there is less risk of perforations or tears. Furthermore, the film remains flexible and it effortlessly adopts the shape of your goods. In summary, your pallet load is wrapped more stably and is better protected during transport.

3. Environmentally friendly

For the last advantage we have to stroll down to the recycling park. By using nano wrapping film, you reduce the amount of plastic waste. That’s logical, since the thinner (but still stronger) film means that you need less plastic to wrap the same pallet.

This is how Certis works to be more eco-friendly

The climate affects us all. Companies too. And we realise that all too well at Certis Benelux, so we make an effort to keep our carbon footprint to a minimum.

It all starts with our products. We do everything possible to make both our machines and our consumables as economical and efficient as possible. That not only benefits the environment, but also our clients’ production process and their bottom line. A concrete example is Nano wrapping film. Environmentally friendly, thanks to the fact it is made up of 30% recycled materials, but still as reliable as ‘classic’ film. In addition there is the Wrappah turntable wrapper, which creates less packaging waste.

We can’t win the fight against climate change on our own! That’s why we require our suppliers to meet high standards. Naturally not just with regard to quality; their carbon footprint must also be as small as possible.

Finally, we also take our responsibility seriously internally. For example, we are digitising processes to keep paper consumption to a minimum. What’s more, we increasingly hold our meetings via video to avoid travelling.

Box-closing devices

A box must always remain properly closed during transport, shipping or storage. Only then will your products be sufficiently protected. Cardboard boxes and cardboard packaging can be closed quickly and easily with an industrial stapler, a box-closing device or a strapping machine. But how do you choose the right solution? Discover what you have to take into account below.

  1. type of box: long flaps, lid, American box?
  2. industry and conditions: cold store, freezer, food, non-food, etc.
  3. production process and packaging speed;
  4. packaging by hand or by machine;
  5. weight of the products to be packaged;
  6. are the boxes always the same or do they vary?
  7. custom packaging or are special packaging machines required?

Once you can answer these questions, you can continue to finetune. Our specialists will help you with this.

Tape or hotmelt

American boxes can be closely fairly easily semi or fully automatically with tape or hotmelt glue. We propose the automated solution for larger series or for example when goods are repackaged or put in promotional packaging.

At production units where heavier goods are packaged or goods that are destined for the freezer, a cross-link has to be made between the flaps. In that case, it is best to glue the flaps. Manual guns are not used for this, but rather packaging lines with hot-met gluing units incorporated in them. That works far more efficiently.

Since the bottom flaps need to be able to bear the weight, the bottom is closed with hotmelt and the top with tape. These two consumables are often used in the food sector or pharmaceuticals industry. Staples are out of the question in this sector since metal may not be used.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best


In other sectors, those cross-links are made using staples. This is the case for boxes with heavy contents, e.g. engine parts or other metal parts, and it can be done manually or automatically. In the latter case, we provide machines geared to your production process.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best


American boxes are not usually closed using strapping. However, it is handy for keeping several boxes together, as additional reinforcement or for security. This is above all common in the world of electronics. If the strap is loose, you immediately know that the box has been opened.

As you can see, many factors play a role in choosing how to close your boxes. Let one of our experts advise you to find the solution that perfectly fits your situation.

Find out which box-closing device suits you best

A turntable wrapper without any investment?

Wrappah is the total solution for packaging your goods at a fixed price per pallet wrapped.

Choosing Wrappah means choosing care-free, automated wrapping of your goods on pallets at a fixed price per pallet wrapped. Wrappah offers companies a total solution for the sustainable and efficient packaging of pallets. The packaging machine, its installation, service maintenance and the shrink film are all included in the fixed price per pallet wrapped. Opting for Wrappah means leaving the wrapping of your pallets to experts with 40 years’ experience in packaging automation.


Our pallet wrapper offers you the latest packaging technology, that uses less film, at a transparent price without sacrificing safety. Also possible for limited periods of time.


With automatic film-stock management, regular maintenance, online reporting and technical assistance by one of our own technicians in case of a malfunction, we guarantee an all-inclusive service for your packaging processes.

More sustainable

Durable wrapping does not need to be at the expense of the environment. With the very latest pallet wrapper, Wrappah considerably reduces your packaging waste.

More transparent

Without any investment in machines or film, we install the packaging machine and properly train your operators. You only pay a fixed price for each pallet effectively wrapped.

Thanks to a fixed price per pallet wrapped, without any investment costs for a pallet wrapper, you have clear insight in your actual packaging costs.

more info: www.wrappah.be