Gluing and taping

Your gluing devices all require consumables of impeccable quality. Only then will they function at their best. Naturally, you can buy them from Certis Benelux. For example, glue sticks, glue cartridges or glue granulate.

In addition, we also have reliable types of tape that fit perfectly with your box-closing devices.


The type of tape that you choose really depends on a number of factors. For example the type of packaging, the strength of the product or the conditions (hot/cold) in which the products are stored and transported.

Let our experts advise you on which tape best suits your needs.


The choice of glue should also be carefully considered. Take into account the gluing device you use, but also the speed of your production process. That determines within how much time the glue has to be applied and the surfaces of the end product pressed and held together.

How are the end products stored or transported? In a cold store, freezer or damp area? Or are they destined for transport overseas? This is important with regard to the glue’s softening point.

Don’t know which type of glue to choose? Don’t worry! Contact us for customised advice.


We above all recommend hotmelt glues. Let their advantages convince you:

  • direct, fast and permanent bond;
  • suitable for many different types of surfaces and materials;
  • easy to apply;
  • hotmelts are thermoplastics: once cooled they seal very quickly

Curious to see which solution is best for you? Contact one of our experts.


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