Gluing and taping

To ensure that your glue devices operate optimally, it’s essential to use consumables of impeccable quality. This is a crucial aspect for maintaining the efficiency and reliability of your equipment. At Certis Benelux, you will find an extensive range of high-quality adhesive products that perfectly meet the specific needs of your devices. Our range includes glue sticks, glue cartridges, and granulated glue, all manufactured to the highest standards to ensure a consistent and reliable gluing experience.

Furthermore, at Certis Benelux, we offer a variety of reliable types of tape, seamlessly integrating with your box sealers. These tapes have been carefully selected to provide strong, durable adhesion, which is essential for safely and effectively sealing boxes in various applications. Whether you are dealing with light or heavy packages, our tapes provide the necessary strength and flexibility to meet your packaging needs. With our products, you are assured of a streamlined and efficient packaging line that contributes to the success of your business activities.


The choice of the right type of tape depends on various crucial factors. The nature of the packaging plays a significant role, as does the robustness of the product itself. Environmental conditions, such as temperature (hot or cold) and humidity, in which the products are stored or transported, also greatly influence the decision. These factors together determine which type of tape is most suitable for your specific application.

To ensure you make the best choice, our experts are ready to advise you. They have the necessary expertise to determine which tape best suits your needs. This advice is not only based on the functional requirements of the tape but also takes into account the specific characteristics of your products and the conditions under which they are used. With our help, you choose a tape solution that ensures maximum safety and efficiency in your packaging processes.


The choice of glue should also be carefully considered. Take into account the gluing device you use, but also the speed of your production process. That determines within how much time the glue has to be applied and the surfaces of the end product pressed and held together.

How are the end products stored or transported? In a cold store, freezer or damp area? Or are they destined for transport overseas? This is important with regard to the glue’s softening point.

Don’t know which type of glue to choose? Don’t worry! Contact us for customised advice.


We above all recommend hotmelt glues. Let their advantages convince you:

  • direct, fast and permanent bond;
  • suitable for many different types of surfaces and materials;
  • easy to apply;
  • hotmelts are thermoplastics: once cooled they seal very quickly

Curious to see which solution is best for you? Contact one of our experts.


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