Wrapping folie

Finding the right type of film depends on a number of technical properties such as the width and thickness.

Not only the type of load, but also the machine, environment, ambient temperature and desired speed play a role. You above all have to take the product’s sturdiness into account. Can the goods be crushed or deformed easily? A pallet with breakfast cereals, for example, does not need high tension. In that case, a thinner film with a lower application tension will suffice. If the tension is too high, the boxes will be crushed and permanently damaged.

When you choose the right stretch wrapping film in function of the load and machine, your pallets will be wrapped using a minimum amount of wrapping material whilst achieving maximum stability. In this case, the right quality film is more important that how thick it is. Let our specialists advise you in this. Together, we will find which film best suits your application.

Opt for certainty

Wrapping film, also called stretch film, or stretch wrapping film, is a very stretchy plastic film that is made of linear, low-density polyethylene (LLDPE). Stretch film or machine wrapping film is still the most durable and most economic packaging material to package pallets in accordance with the load security standards. This avoids any unnecessary costs as a result of transport damage.

The right film for every application

Get the best out of your wrapping machine by ordering your consumables directly from Certis Benelux. Whether you need film for your wrapping machine or shrink hoods, we sell it all. 

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