Attaching cardboard

Universal, manual staplers for stapling corrugated cardboard lids, trays and special-sized boxes.

Universal, manual staplers are indispensable for quickly and efficiently stapling corrugated cardboard lids, trays, and non-standard box sizes. These handy tools ensure that the staples pass by each other and bend inwards, resulting in a secure closure without damage.

A notable feature of these staplers is their suitability for sealing the bottoms of cardboard boxes. This makes them ideal for use in various sectors where packaging and shipping of goods play a significant role.

With universal, manual staplers, you can close the boxes quickly and reliably, ensuring the safety and integrity of your products during transportation. They are a valuable addition to your packaging arsenal and provide an efficient and sustainable solution for sealing cardboard boxes of various sizes and shapes.


  • to close the bottoms of cardboard boxes.