Omer B14

Brad tacker for brads up to 63 mm

The Bradnail Device Omer B14 is a powerful and versatile tool for processing brads up to 63 mm long. This device is indispensable for finishing connections that need to be almost invisible in various sectors, including the furniture industry, interior finishing, parquet flooring, garden wood constructions such as carports and poolhouses, doors, stairs, and the window industry.

A remarkable feature of our range is the wide coverage, ranging from micro brads of only 7 mm to brads as long as 63 mm. This means we have the right device available for every application, ensuring you can always achieve the desired results.

Furthermore, our brads are also available in stainless steel, providing additional durability and resistance, even in demanding environments. The Bradnail Device Omer B14 is of European manufacture, representing quality and reliability.

With this advanced tool, you can carry out finishing projects with precision and efficiency, and you are guaranteed high-quality results in various application areas. The Bradnail Device Omer B14 is the ideal choice for professionals aiming for craftsmanship and perfection.

Finishing connections that have to be almost invisible in:

  • the furniture industry
  • interior finishes
  • parquet floors
  • garden timber, carports, pool houses, etc.
  • doors
  • stairs
  • windows


  • Our selection covers the entire range, from 7 mm micro brads to 63 mm brads
  • We have a device for every application
  • Brads are also available in stainless steel
Brad tacker for brads up to 63 mm