Meler B4

Hotmelt glue guns

The Meler B4 was developed for manual and simple automatic applications. Thanks to its simplicity, the device can quickly be installed and ready for use. With a melting capacity of up to 6 kg/hour, the Meler B4 is a good alternative for many applications.

Two pump versions

The Meler B4 is available with 2 different pumps:

  • a gear pump with a maximum capacity of 6 kg/hour
  • a plunger pump with a maximum capacity of 29.3 kg/hour

Both pumps have an external flow control so that the right parameters can be set quickly.


The Meler B4’s electronic control has the same, familiar components that characterise all Meler hotmelt devices. The temperature can be set between 40° and 200°C, accurate to 0.5°C.


The Meler B4 has 2 hose connections, both on the rear of the device. The hydraulic connectors are standard 9/16 JIC. The electrical connection is your choice of PT100 or NL120.


The Meler B4’s melting tank has an extra-large contact surface for efficient heat transfer.

Pump control

The Meler B4 gear pump has a start/stop switch and it can be remotely controlled by means of a switch in the glue gun or via the control panel on the base machine.


Compatibility is one of the Meler B4 hotmelt device’s biggest strengths. Both the PT100 and NI120 temperature controls are available so that the device can work with almost any of the hotmelt devices on the market.


  • two pump versions
  • integrated and automated gluing installations
  • automatic filling systems
  • pump control
Hotmelt glue guns

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