Bottom staplers

Bottom staplers are suitable for closing the bottoms of cardboard boxes

In the dynamic world of packaging, bottom staplers offer an unparalleled solution for closing the bottoms of cardboard boxes. These staplers are specially designed for fastening the bottoms of empty, yet-to-be-formed boxes, playing a crucial role in the preparation phase of the packaging processes.

Characteristic of these devices is their ability to process staples with a back width of 32 or 35 mm and leg lengths of 15, 18, and 22 mm. This makes them extremely suitable for a wide range of box sizes and types. Users have the choice between two operating options: a pneumatically controlled foot valve for quick and continuous actions, or a manually operated foot pedal, ideal for smaller batches or specific adjustments.

These bottom staplers combine speed and precision, thereby ensuring a strong and reliable closure of cardboard boxes. Due to their ease of use and efficiency, they are an indispensable tool in any packaging department.


  • The bottom stapler is suitable for stapling the bottoms of empty cardboard boxes that still have to be shaped.


  • This device uses staples that are 32 or 35 mm wide and have legs that are 15, 18 or 22 mm long
  • Available with a pneumatic foot valve or manual foot pedal