Coil nails 30-65 mm

Manual nail gun

The manual nail gun for coil nails with a length of 30-65 mm is a versatile tool suitable for various applications in the construction and woodworking industry. This device is specially designed to handle impact screws and round head nails in stainless steel, making it ideal for different outdoor applications.

This nail gun is perfect for wood siding or cladding, finishing houses, garden sheds, carports, pool houses, and assembling wooden garden fences. It offers excellent performance, regardless of the type of fastening required.

A notable feature of this SCN65 device is the use of patented ‘precision nailing tech,’ which is crucial when the appearance of the fastening plays a significant role. Furthermore, it can handle both wire-collated coil nails and 15° TC band nails, allowing it to accommodate a wide range of fasteners.

The ability to use collated TC band offers the advantage of processing various materials, such as impact screws, hit-screws, screw nails, round head nails in copper, aluminum, and stainless steel. In summary, the manual nail gun for 30-65 mm coil nails is a convenient and versatile tool that meets the requirements of professional craftsmen and is perfectly suited for various outdoor projects.


  • wooden facade cladding or sidings
  • outside finishing of houses, gazebos, carports or pool houses
  • wooden garden fencing


  • This SCN65 device is equipped with patented precision nailing tech
  • This is handy when the appearance of the attachment is important
  • It can use both wire-welded coil nails and nails on 15° TC strip
  • Collation on TC strip offers the advantage that both copper, aluminium and stainless steel hammer-drive screws, hit-screws, threaded nails and round head rivets can be used
Manual nail gun

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