Semi-automatic box-closing machine with lateral belt drive

Lateral drive

The CTM 103 SD is a versatile, mobile box sealer with 2 tape stations, suitable for successively taping large series of boxes of the same size. The boxes are fed into the machine with the top flaps folded down after which the top and bottom of the box are taped. The  CTM 103 SD is suitable for very unstable boxes and operates on 220 Volt so it can be used anywhere.


  • manual box feed
  • machine with bobbin, can be adapted to the height and width of the box, tape can be changed fast
  • two tape stations. The top and bottom flaps of the box are taped simultaneously 
  • box sizes:
    • L: 120 mm – no limit 
    • B: 150 mm – 500 mm
    • H: 120 mm – 500 mm
  • machine height adaptable to the workshop tape width: 36 mm, 48 mm, 75mm
  • speed: 23 m/minute
  • voltage: 240 V single phase, 10 amp and consumption 450 W
  • machine size:
    • L:1637 mm – B: 754 mm – H: 1375 mm


  • Seals same-size boxes serially with tape
  • Manual settings for different sizes
  • Single phase, so can be operated anywhere
Semi-automatic box-closing machine with lateral belt drive

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