Semi-automatic, multi-format box-closing machine

Top and bottom belt drive for multi-format boxes

The CTM 105 TBR is a versatile, mobile box sealer with 2 tape stations, suitable for successively taping different sized boxes. The boxes are fed into the machine with the top flaps folded down after which the top and bottom of the box are taped. The  CTM 105 TBR is suitable for very unstable boxes and operates on 220 Volt so it can be used anywhere.

  • tape width: 36 mm, 48 mm, 75 mm
  • speed: 23 m/minute
  • power: 240 V single phase, 10 Amp
  • consumption: 450 W
  • box sizes:
    • L: 120 mm ~ no limit
    • B: 150 mm ~ 500 mm
    • H: 120 mm ~ 500 mm


  • suitable for taping shut boxes of different sizes in any order
  • time saved thanks to self-aligning tape heads.
  • suitable for high, unstable boxes
Semi-automatic, multi-format box-closing machine