KBM 303

Basic starter model, semi-automatic strapping table for strapping boxes.

The KBM 303 is a semi-automatic strapping table, designed to streamline and simplify the packaging process in various industries. This robust and efficient device is ideal for small to medium-sized packages, offering reliable and consistent strapping for a variety of products.

The KBM 303 is characterized by its ease of use and fast strapping speed, which helps to increase productivity without sacrificing the quality of the packaging. In addition, the machine’s compact design ensures it can be easily integrated into existing packaging lines, achieving additional space savings. With its durable construction and maintenance-friendly design, the KBM 303 is a cost-effective and reliable solution for companies looking to optimize their packaging processes.


  • works using just one DC motor, no chains, gears or belts
  • electronic strap tension, adjustable up to 550 N
  • for PP (*) straps 5 mm to 16 mm wide and 0.55 mm to 0.70 mm thick
semi-automatic strapping table for strapping boxes