Label tackers

The Omer Labeltacker is an innovative tool for labeling wooden materials, including slats, planks, beams, posts, garden screens, garden tiles, and roll borders. With this pneumatic stapler, you can easily apply barcode labels, barcode tags, and labels while securely fastening them.

This device is of European manufacture, which represents quality and reliability. It allows you to label wooden materials quickly and accurately, enabling efficiency and precision in various applications.

The Omer Labeltacker is the ideal choice for professionals seeking advanced labeling capabilities for their wooden products. With this device, you can effortlessly apply barcodes and labels, making it easy to identify your wooden materials in different situations.

Attaching barcode labels to wooden:

  • slats
  • planks
  • beams
  • poles
  • garden fences
  • garden tiles
  • roll borders


  • pneumatic stapler for applying barcode labels, barcode tags or labels
Label tackers