Modular devices for automated stapling


Engineering projects for the production of:

  • insulation mats
  • cardboard trays
  • cardboard boxes
  • packaging lines in which boxes need to be stapled shut
  • robot projects in which carboard is stapled to wood
  • automatic labelling machines where the label has to be stapled to the product


  • stapling modules with staples on a roll
  • easy to incorporate and control
  • large stock of staples on a roll for each stapling module, up to 5000 staples per roll
  • stapling modules can work vertically, horizontally and upside down
  • available for staples that are 13 mm, 20 mm and 36 mm wide, depending on the material to be stapled
  • control sensors available for indicating the rest position, the stock of staples and monitoring the stapling
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