OMS 043

Italian-made, fully-automated, vertical strapping machine for larger-sized boxes

The OMS 043 is a fully automatic, vertical strapping machine specially designed for larger box sizes. This impressive machine embodies the hallmark quality and reliability of Italian craftsmanship, synonymous with precision and durability.

In various sectors, including logistics and distribution, efficiency plays a crucial role. The OMS 043 excels in this regard. With a high processing speed, this machine significantly enhances productivity in the packaging process, resulting in a faster and more efficient flow of goods.

A notable feature of the OMS 043 is its advanced technology, allowing it to effortlessly detect and strap different box sizes, thereby increasing its versatility and user-friendliness. Thanks to its robust construction, the OMS 043 can perform reliably and durably, even in demanding industrial environments.

For businesses that need to strap larger box sizes and seek improved efficiency and reliability in their packaging processes, the OMS 043, equipped with the dependable and maintenance-friendly “TR Modular” strapping head technology, is a valuable investment that contributes to the success of their enterprise.


  • uses both PP and PET strap (406 mm internal diameter of the coil)
  • comes standard with a Siemens control
  • strap channel is produced made to measure for the application
Fully-automated, vertical strapping machine for larger-sized boxes