OR 4000

The handiest, single-lever tensioner for PP(*), PET (**) straps.

The OR 4000 is undoubtedly the most convenient one-handed strapping tool on the market for the use of PP and PET strapping bands. With its capacity for strapping with seals and available in both 13mm and 16mm versions, this device offers unparalleled versatility.

Despite its lightweight, the Orgapack OR 4000 is surprisingly robust, making it the ideal choice for use in various environments. Thanks to its design, the device is easy to handle, both for vertical and horizontal strapping, making it perfect for different applications.

A striking feature of the OR 4000 is its tensioning system, which allows for high tension. This allows you to securely and firmly strap your loads, regardless of the requirements of your packaging process. Choose the Orgapack OR 4000 for efficient, reliable strapping with the greatest ease.


  • 13 mm or 16 mm version
  • light but very sturdy
  • easy to wield for both vertical and horizontal strapping
  • high tension force possible thanks to serrated tensioning system
Strapping with seals