OR-T 55

Swiss-made, battery-powered tensioner

Manual tensioning and automatic welding.

The OR-T 55 battery-powered strapping tool is the ideal partner for efficient strapping. With the capability for both manual tensioning and automatic welding, this device is suitable for strapping bands with widths ranging from 9 mm to 19 mm.

What truly sets the OR-T 55 apart is the adjustable tension via a slip clutch. This allows you to set the perfect tension for your specific application, resulting in safe and secure strapping.

Furthermore, the welding time of this device is easy to control, giving you optimal command over the welding process. Whether you are strapping boxes in a warehouse or pallets in a distribution center, with the OR-T 55, you are assured of precise and reliable performance for all your strapping needs. Choose this battery-powered strapping tool and simplify your packaging processes.


  • for straps 9 mm to 19 mm wide
  • tension force adjustable thanks to slip coupling
  • welding time easy to adjust
  • the battery charge level is displayed
  • Simple manual tensioning up to 2300 N
  • robust, for heavy-duty applications

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