Orgapack CR 208P

Swiss-made, pneumatic strapping device for steel strap for round products.

Works perfectly in combination with the Orgapack ORV steel strapping devices

The Orgapack CR 208P is an advanced pneumatic steel strapping tensioner, specially designed for strapping on round products, and is extremely popular in the heavy steel industry. This powerful device is known for its ability to tightly and reliably tension steel straps, which is essential for the safe transportation and storage of heavy metal products. Thanks to its pneumatic operation, the CR 208P provides consistent tension, crucial for maintaining the integrity of packaging under harsh conditions.

This tensioner is specifically designed to meet the unique challenges of the steel industry, where robustness and precision are necessary. The ergonomic design and ease of use of the CR 208P make it a favorite among operators, especially for prolonged use. Despite its powerful performance, the device is surprisingly light and easy to handle, contributing to efficiency and user comfort.

In the world of heavy industrial packaging, the Orgapack CR 208P is recognized as a reliable and durable tool, playing a vital role in ensuring the safety and quality of packaged metal products.


  • tensioning force up to 8000 N
  • for steel strap (800 N/mm² or 1000 N/mm²) - 19 mm, 25 mm or 32 mm wide - up to a max. thickness of 1 mm
Swiss-made, pneumatic strapping device for steel strap for round products