Orgapack OR-H 47

Swiss-made, manual, strapping device for steel strap without seals. Very popular in the wood and metal industries.

The Orgapack OR-H 47 “Swiss made” manual steel strapping device is known in the packaging industry for its robust and reliable performance. This device is specially designed for seal-less joining of steel straps, providing a strong and secure closure without the need for additional seals.

The OR-H 47 stands out for its user-friendliness, making it easy and efficient to use, even for less experienced operators. This device is ideal for applications requiring strong and durable packaging, such as in the metal and construction sectors.

Its manual design makes the OR-H 47 a cost-effective solution, as it does not require electricity or pneumatic systems. The robust construction ensures a long lifespan and reliability, even in the most demanding work environments. Thanks to its lightweight and compact design, the device is easy to handle and transport, contributing to flexibility in the workplace.

The Orgapack OR-H 47 offers an excellent balance between functionality and cost, and is an ideal choice for companies that need an efficient and durable packaging solution. In short, it is an essential tool for sectors requiring reliable and heavy-duty packaging.


  • for 13 mm, 16 mm and 19 mm up to a max. thickness of 0.60 mm (800 N/mm²)
  • very easy to use and fast
  • low-maintenance (few parts)
  • sturdy tensioning and sealing module with freewheel
manual, strapping device for steel strap without seals