Orgapack OR-V 40P – OR-V 41P

Swiss-made, pneumatic strapping device for steel strap for round products.

Works perfectly in combination with the Orgapack CR208 steel strap tensioner and the Orgapack CSP seals

  • OR-V 40 P: single-groove seal
  • OR-V 41 P: double-groove seal

The Orgapack OR-V 40P and OR-V 41P are “Swiss made” pneumatic steel band sealers, specially designed for strapping on round products and are very popular in the heavy steel industry. These powerful devices are known for their reliable and efficient performance in sealing steel bands, a crucial step in the safe packaging of heavy metal goods. The OR-V 40P and OR-V 41P stand out for their robust construction and precision technology, typical of Swiss manufacturing, making them highly suitable for the most demanding industrial applications.

Their pneumatic operation ensures consistently strong sealing, essential for maintaining the integrity of packaging under harsh conditions. These devices are specifically designed for use on round objects, such as tubes and rolls, making them indispensable tools in metal processing and other related industries. The ergonomic designs and ease of use of the OR-V 40P and OR-V 41P reduce physical effort for operators, contributing to increased productivity and comfort during work.

The Orgapack OR-V 40P and OR-V 41P are known as durable, reliable, and efficient tools for companies seeking a superior solution for their heavy packaging needs.


  • very light, easy to handle
  • for steel strap (800 N/mm² or 1000 N/mm²) - 19 mm, 25 mm or 32 mm wide - up to a max. thickness of 1 mm
pneumatische staalbandsluiter voor omsnoeringen op ronde producten

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