ORM 510

Swiss-made, semi-automatic frame strapping machine.

The Orgapack ORM 510 is an advanced strapping device known for its efficiency and reliability in the packaging industry. This device is designed for both polypropylene (PP) and polyester (PET) straps, making it suitable for a wide range of applications. With its automatic tensioning, welding, and cutting functions, the ORM 510 offers fast and secure strapping for both light and heavy packages. User-friendliness is central to its design, with simple operation and minimal settings, making it ideal for both experienced users and beginners.

The ORM 510 is also known for its durability and robust design, ensuring reliable operation even in the most demanding industrial environments. The machine is energy-efficient and designed for continuous use, contributing to lower operational costs. Its lightweight and ergonomic design make the ORM 510 easy to handle and reduce user fatigue. Moreover, its advanced welding technology ensures strong and secure seals, essential for the safe transportation of goods.

The Orgapack ORM 510 is a reliable and cost-effective solution for companies aiming to optimize their packaging processes. With its versatility and advanced features, it is a valuable asset to any packaging operation.


  • frame size B650 mm x H500 mm
  • up to 65 strapping cycles a minute
  • for PP (*) straps 9 or 12 mm wide and 0.55 mm thick;
  • touch-panel operation
  • automatic strap insertion, strap ejected if nothing strapped
  • compact, can be used almost anywhere
  • strap dispenser integrated in the machine.
semi-automatic frame strapping machine.