ORM 515

Swiss-made, semi-automatic frame strapping machine.

The Orgapack ORM 515 “Swiss Made” is a semi-automatic frame machine known for its precision and quality, characteristic of Swiss manufacturing. Designed for reliable and efficient strapping, this machine is ideal for a range of industrial applications.

The ORM 515 combines ease of use with advanced technology, resulting in seamless and quick product strapping. Its versatility makes it suitable for various types of straps, including polypropylene and polyester, providing flexibility in different packaging processes. Its robust design ensures a long lifespan, even under heavy industrial conditions.

Energy efficiency and low maintenance levels contribute to its cost-effectiveness in the long term. The ORM 515 is also ergonomically designed to maximize ease of operation and safety for the user. In short, the Orgapack ORM 515 is an excellent choice for companies looking for a reliable, versatile, and efficient strapping solution.


  • frame size B650 mm x H500 mm
  • up to 65 strapping cycles a minute
  • for PP (*) straps 9 or 12 mm wide and 0.55 mm thick
  • touch-panel operation
  • automatic strap insertion, strap ejected if nothing strapped
  • compact, can be used almost anywhere
  • strap dispenser integrated in the machine
semi-automatic frame strapping machine.