ORS 1100

The versatile, flat based tensioner for different types of strap.

The Orgapack ORS 1100 is a versatile flat strapper designed to accommodate various types of strapping bands up to a width of 19 mm. Whether it’s PP, PET, textile, or composite strapping, this machine can handle them all with ease.

This flat strapper offers unparalleled flexibility and is suitable for various applications in the packaging industry. Whether you need to bundle boxes in a warehouse, strap pallets in a distribution center, or package textile products, the Orgapack ORS 1100 ensures reliable performance.

With its ability to process different types of strapping bands, this machine provides a cost-effective solution for businesses in need of versatility in their packaging processes. The Orgapack ORS 1100 is a reliable choice for efficient and precise strapping, regardless of the type of strapping band you use.


  • straps up to 19 mm wide
  • can work with PP, PET, textile or composite straps.
flat based tensioner for different types of strap.

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