Side-arm staplers

For stapling trays and the lids of cardboard boxes and cases

Side-arm staplers, also known as cardboard staplers, are versatile machines that are ideal for various applications. They are commonly used for manufacturing trays, lids, and creating flat or flush cardboard connections.

These machines are suitable for processing staples with a back width of 32 or 35 mm and leg lengths of 15, 18, and 22 mm, allowing them to meet different requirements.

Side-arm staplers are available with both pneumatic foot valve control and manually operated foot pedals, making them flexible and easy to use for various packaging purposes.


  • This device uses wide-crown staples that are 32 or 35 mm wide with legs that are 15, 18 and 22 mm long
  • Available with a pneumatic foot valve or manual foot pedal